Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pattern Review: Baby Flip Flops

 On Sunday night I came across an adorable pattern for Baby Flip Flops - even better is that it was a free pattern by Whistle and Ivy.  I shared the pattern on my personal FB page rather than the business page and I was suddenly bombarded with orders. 

I have learned one thing from posting on my personal page - I will be sure to test the pattern before I post it with the possibility of orders coming in, at least from this particular designer.  As cute as the Flip Flops are, and as easy as the pattern really has been to follow, there are quite a few things I've disliked.  There was no gauge provided, and as someone who tends to crochet on the tighter side, gauge is essential to making sure the Flip Flops fit properly.  I actually posted on the Whistle and Ivy blog to find out what the gauge should be, but instead all I received from the designer was an approximate length for each size of the Flip Flops.  As it turned out, I ended up having to work each size 2-3 times to determine which size hook to use - and the recommended F hook was definitely not the right hook for me.  I had to use H and I hooks, depending what kind of yarn I was using. 

The next issue I noticed with the pattern came with the chains that are worked along the back and front sides of the Flip Flops.  Those along the back seemed alright, but the ones in the front were not long enough to properly tie down as directed, meaning I had to play with that part of the pattern to find a chain that would work.

The final issue came with the band that goes across the top.  Working the specified number of rows was definitely not enough to fit all the way across and still allow room for those adorably chubby baby feet that would be slipping into the Flip Flop. 

I think I have finally found a fit that works - and I was sure to save my notes on my saved copy of the pattern itself.  The finished product is very cute and I cannot wait to get it onto a baby foot (hopefully today).  One of my neighbors ordered a couple pairs for her youngest so we shall see how they fit when I take them to her!!! 

If you'd like to try your hand at this pattern, you can find it here!  This is definitely a pattern that works for boys or girls!!!


  1. Custest baby sandels I have ever seen!!!

  2. These are ding-dang-darling and so happy they are unisex - what a nice design! ♥