Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Christmas in July Mystery CAL: Part 3 - FINISHED!!

Up until this point, I was completely clueless as to what the final product would be.  I was happy to see that it's a stocking.  Part 3 was a little tougher than the rest - trying to figure out where all of the stitches along the sides was easier said than done at times.  After a few days of working on it - no, I was not able to sit down and knock this part out due to a crazy schedule - I finally finished last night!!

My final thoughts - I love the design of the stocking.  It was slightly time-consuming, but totally worth it.  I'm not a huge fan of how the heel turned out, nor do I like how the cuff appears too large, but those are adjustments I could easily make when I work the pattern again.  Yes, I will be working it again in the future.  I am hoping to have time to make one for each member of our family in the colors we're using to decorate this year.  I do plan to use a larger hook so I can make them larger in size - Santa only provides one "cool" gift and fills stockings for our kids, so we like to have decent size stockings. 

The pattern has received a name - the Winter Waves Christmas Stocking.  If you did not pick up an advance copy, you can now get the final version here.  Many thanks to the Design Wars team and Jennifer over at A Crocheted Simplicity... and I'm off to post the photos in my projects on Ravelry so I can get my chance to win a full set of Clover Amore crochet hooks!  :)

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