Monday, July 21, 2014

Christmas in July Mystery CAL: Part 1

Those who follow us on any of our social media sites, including this blog, may remember me telling you on Saturday about the Christmas in July Mystery Crochet-Along I'm participating in .  The CAL is being hosted by Design Wars and A Crocheted Simplicity.  There's still time to pick up the pattern and join here if you're interested.

The pattern was updated yesterday to add Part 1.  I jumped right in and got started.  Let me tell you that I am clueless as to what the end product is going to be.  LOL  Here's what my completed Part 1 looks like: 

The pattern may seem a little too much for those who are beginners - but then again, Jennifer has the pattern listed as being for Advanced Beginners/Intermediate crocheters.  Part 1 was not challenging or difficult so much as there were quite a few lines that were similar but just different enough that I needed to keep a close watch on what I was doing.  I was more surprised that it took half the day to finish this one piece. 

Part 2 will update on Tuesday, though it will be later day before I get to start working on it... I'm so excited to see what is still to come, and even more excited to figure out what the final product will be!!

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