Saturday, May 31, 2014

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Linked Double Crochet

I'll be the first one to say that I love the closeness you get when working rows of Single Crochet stitches into your patterns.  Unfortunately, I dislike the amount of time it takes to work up rows of Single Crochet just as much.  Thanks to a fellow designer, who is also one of our testers and has become a friend, I found the Linked Double Crochet.  Because this technique is being used in several upcoming Hooking Housewives patterns, I thought it would be appropriate to go ahead and do a photo tutorial so our followers would know how to work it as well.

1.  To work the Linked Double Crochet (LDC), start by working your starting chain, adding 3 additional chains to what you want the stitch count for the row to be.  (For the purposes of this tutorial we will be working with Rows of 10.  That means you will chain 13.)
2-3.  Insert your hook into the second chain from the hook; yarn over and pull up a loop.
4.  Next, skip one chain and insert your hook into the next chain (the 4th chain from where you started)

5-6.  Yarn over and pull up a loop; we will now complete the stitch just as we would complete a regular Double Crochet (DC) - yarn over and pull through 2 of the loops on your hook.
7.  To finish, yarn over and pull through the 2 remaining loops on your hook.
8.  To work the remaining LDCs in the row, your first hook insert will be done in the Horizontal Bar (HB) that is facing you. 

9-10.  Yarn over and pull up a loop; insert your hook into the next chain on the starting chain; yarn over and pull up a loop.
11-12.  Repeat Steps 6 and 7 to complete your next LDC.  Continue in this manner until you have completed the row.

To work the next row of LDC, chain 2 and turn your work;  insert your hook into the second chain from the hook.  Yarn over and pull up a loop; insert your hook into the first st and repeat.  Continue working Steps 6 and 7 to complete the first LDC of the row.

Working through 3 Loops

Sometimes you want to use basic stitches but get a look that is tighter.  Working through 3 loops is a great option to try when working your stitches.  Each stitch actually has 3 loops, as previously discussed in the 3rd Loop/Horizontal Bar.  When working through all 3 loops, you go under the Horizontal Bar to work your stitch.  Using the photos, you'll notice that you work the stitch as normal, but rather than going through the Front and Back Loop, you go under the Horizontal Bar as well as the Front and Back Loops.


3rd Loop Method/Horizontal Bar

We all know about the Front and Back Loops of our crochet stitches.  Some people, however, don't realize there is actually a 3rd Loop as well.  This 3rd Loop is known as the Horizontal Bar.  Working in the Horizontal Bar (HB) is a great way to give a crocheted piece the appearance of having been knitted. 

To locate the Third Loop, start by locating your Front and Back Loops.

Once you have located the Front and Back Loops, look for the loop on the backside of your work.  There should be a loop running parallel to your Back Loop - that is your Horizontal Bar.