Monday, July 14, 2014

Field Trip: CLARA'S LOOM (Part 2)

Thank you for joining us on Day 2 of our visit to Clara's Loom in Bon Secour, AL.  Yesterday we visited the storefront, where Celia Dionne sells yarn and lots of other goodies.  Today we are moving to the area behind the store where you will find the Coastal Textile Center.

Upon walking in, you see a large, beautiful wooden room.  In the room are tables and various looms all around.  With completed shawls around the room, there is plenty of inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

This is one of the Celia's WIPs that is being done on the square loom.  I have to admit that I've never had any interest in weaving on a loom, but after seeing this and the other beautiful pieces she has done, I cannot wait to learn - and to have my hubby build me a loom of my own.  (Shhhh... he doesn't know he's going to do it yet.  LOL)
In addition to the classes available to take at the Coastal Textile Center, Celia provides the option for you to come in to use the studio.  The prices do vary depending on whether you are borrowing her equipment or are bringing your own.  The particular shawl on this loom is being worked on by one of Celia's customers - she comes in to work on it whenever she has the time and is able to keep it on the loom in the process. 
All around the room you can see different tools and pieces of equipment available for use, and all of which you can receive private lessons to learn how to use.  There are even baskets of yarn you can choose from to use during those lessons - or you can bring/purchase your own from the shop. 
The one thing I absolutely loved about the Coastal Textile Center - and some of you will think I've lost my mind - is the bathroom.  Yes, the bathroom!!   Because Clara's Loom focuses on sustainability, nothing goes to waste, and that includes scraps of yarn and fabric.  Whether it goes to the Garden Loom (which will be the final visit of our field trip tomorrow) or is used in other ways around the shop, textiles do not go into the garbage.  All around the top of the bathroom is beautifully sanded wood lined with these painted starfish.  If you look closely, you'll notice the metallic threads that are used to decorate the starfish.  What a fun way to bring the Gulf of Mexico (just 10 minutes down the road) into the textile world!! 
If you're going to be visiting the Foley/Gulf Shores, AL area and are interested in studio time or scheduling a private lesson, contact Celia Dionne at 251.943.2960 or email her at  Group classes are also available!

That's it for today... check back tomorrow for the last stop in our Clara's Loom Virtual Field Trip!!!  If you missed yesterday's stop, you can see it here


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