Sunday, July 13, 2014

Field Trip: CLARA'S LOOM (Part 1)

On Day 1 of our field trip to Clara's Loom we will be taking a look around inside the shop.  Located in Bon Secour, Alabama, about 10 minutes north of the renowned beaches of Gulf Shores, we pull in to see the cutest building I could have imagined for my new Heaven on Earth. 

The downstairs space of the building on the left side of the photo is the shop.  Here you can purchase Island Scarfs, Drop Spindles, a variety of Looms, other finished projects, a few quirky items, and of course, YARN!!  Upstairs is Celia's personal studio where she works, and to the back right is the Coastal Textile Center, which we will learn about tomorrow.

Let's walk through the doors and have a look around, shall we?

This is the area just inside the front door... as you can see, there is an abundance of color, style, and fun all around you.  From the tabletop tree decorated with Island Scarves to the first rack of designer yarns, this is truly a textile lover's dream.

On the opposite side is a little table with cord necklaces complete with a yarn charm and lots of information about Clara's Loom and the Coastal Textile Center.  There are a few more racks of yarn, shawls, and a beautiful wooden hutch with completed shawls.  One of my favorite things about Celia is that she encourages you to "pet" the yarns and try on the shawls to help you find something you're sure to love.

Let's take a closer look at some of the yarn, since really, we know that's going to be our favorite part!  ;)   These four are only a few of those I fell in love with... I picked up on skein (not pictured here) but will be going back again soon to pick up some others!!  I've already advised Celia that she'll be seeing me on a regular basis.  LOL

1 - Pastiche by Mango Moon Yarns
2 - Felicity by Universal Yarn
3 - I thought I'd got the name of this one, but unfortunately I didn't.  Looks like I'll need another trip out there sooner than expected.  ;)
4 - Legong by Mango Moon Yarns

That's it for this leg of the Field Trip... check back tomorrow for a look at the Coastal Textile Center!!!

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