Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lots of Exciting News!!

For those of you who have been eagerly awaiting a new pattern, our Houndstooth Hat pattern is out to testers right now. The pattern itself should be ready for release no later than Wednesday.

To show support to our fans, we will give away a free copy to one winner who posts on this comment. The winner will be chosen by on Monday morning so get your comments in! :)

The pattern will be offered at a special introductory price of $1.99 for one day only. After that the price will be $2.99. All pattern purchases can be done through our Ravelry shop.

We will also be releasing our Elephant Appliqué pattern within a week of the Houndstooth Hat. This will be our first of what we hope will be many free pattern!

Now that we are getting the hang of pattern writing, and now that we have a group of pattern testers set up, we are hoping to start releasing patterns more regularly.

Several of you have asked why we haven't posted photos of any Valentine's Day or Easter Hats... With the Memory Blanket Project at its deadline for shipping squares, Kathy and I are going to be consumed with working on those through the month of February.  We will, however, still make time for custom orders.  If you find something around the Internet that you'd like us to make for you, we will still be welcoming custom orders.  Send us a photo of what you're looking for and we will gladly give you a quote!

Some more big news: We have partnered with a local photographer for professional photos of our items!  Spark Studio Photography has joined forces with Hooking Housewives to help us provide high-quality professional portraits of the items we produce for you.  We want to encourage all of our fans to check out her work on her Facebook page and show her some love!!!  We have a few items are picked out and on the To-Do List that will be going to her within the next couple of weeks so watch for upcoming pictures.


  1. Love this hat! Can't wait to work it up and add to my collection, hopefully before a vacation to Minnesota.