Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Sets for an Order

I have a friend who has contacted me for custom orders for her last 2 babies.  The most current order, which I finished yesterday, was for 2 sets.  The first was for one of our Al-Lie the Elephant Hats and a matching diaper cover.  The second was for a Dinosaur Set that included the hat, diaper cover, and booties.  Below you can see the photos and pattern links for the various pieces of the sets.  (I made a couple of minor changes to the Diaper Cover - both of which are from the same pattern - and notated them on my project listing in Ravelry.)

(Note:  The Al-Lie the Elephant Hat is shown with the alternate ears that are not currently on the pattern, but are in the works for the various sizes and will be updated once complete.)

Al-Lie the Elephant by Hooking Housewives
Diaper Cover by Amy B Stitched
Dinosaur Hat and Diaper Cover by Amy B Stitched
Dinosaur/Monster Booties by HookN Yarn

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