Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Pinterest Boards

If you've ever visited the Hooking Housewives Pinterest boards, you know we have TONS of them - and although most are craft-related, we do have a few that are other things you may have an interest in.  Our crochet-related boards are obviously those that we have the most of as we try to break them down by categories.  A few of those categories are Amigurumi & Toys, Items for your Neck (Cowls, Scarves, etc.), and Hats.

As I sat this morning, scrolling through and looking through a few of the Crochet boards, I came to the realization that just like our Harry Potter-themed Crochet board, there are a few others that need to be broken down a little more specifically.

So now, I give you the following new boards:
Crochet - Disney (other than Star Wars)
Crochet - Dragons
Crochet - Despicable Me/Minions
Crochet - Ninja Turtles
Crochet - Owls
Crochet - Sports-Themed
Crochet - Star Wars

There may be a few others that come as well, but I'm going to try to focus on getting the pins off the other crochet boards and onto these first.  LOL  Are there specific topics you would like to see us post on?

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