Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Invisible Join

It always makes me smile to finish a project, but that last slip stitch can be such an eyesore.  Well, let me introduce you to the Invisible Join.  This is the perfect way to complete any project - it's easy, takes only a few seconds longer than a regular slip stitch, and makes the last row of any crochet project look great. 

The process actually creates a "false stitch" - this means it looks like there is a completed stitch rather than the join and it hides your end point.  Follow these step-by-step photos and instructions to learn how you can use the Invisible Join to finish off your own crochet projects:

To work an Invisible Join, start by fastening off your yarn after working your final stitch - do not join!  Using a yarn needle, work through the stitch you're joining to, pulling to tighten. 

Bring the yarn back around to your last worked stitch and go down into the stitch from the top, creating what appears to be an actual stitch.  Adjust yarn if necessary to make it blend in with other stitches.  Weave in end.


What are your thoughts?  Is the Invisible Join worth trying??


  1. Looks great to me. I'll try it.
    NM, crochet fiend

  2. I use the invisible join on a regular basis. It truly is invisible if you weave the ends in nicely.

  3. genius!!! i had never seen this before! i can't wait to use it!