Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Calling All Crocheters!!

In an attempt to try out some of the patterns that have been lingering in our pattern library, I've decided to do some Pattern Reviews.  These reviews will be purely my opinion - I will not be getting paid by the designer or anyone else to say good (or bad) things about the designs reviewed.  I will be doing my best to keep all criticism constructive and helpful to others who may try the pattern in the future.

On that note, if you are a Crochet Pattern Designer and would like to have one of your patterns tested by the Housewives, please send an email to HookingHousewives@yahoo.com.  Be sure to include your name, contact information (email is fine), Shop name, any websites/links, and a link to or photo of the pattern you would like us to test.  If your pattern is selected, you will be notified for additional information.  We will want some basic information about your Shop to include with the pattern review.  In addition, if the pattern is not free, we may request that you provide us with a copy. 

All reviewed patterns will be featured on our blog with links on our Facebook page to help promote the blog post.  We're open to testing all kinds of crochet patterns - if it's a blanket you're wanting tested, we may work out a way make a mini version or work just a section (enough that the pattern is still being given a fair chance). 

So who wants to have their pattern tested?  READY, SET,GO!!!!

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  1. I just posted a brand new one today, if you are inclined, I would love it! Pattern can be found here
    grammy.dirlam@gmail.com, or https://www.facebook.com/grammycreates Good Luck seems sort of silly, I thimk you will be swamped.