Thursday, March 14, 2013


For those of you who do any kind of craft, you likely know what the term "WIPs" refers to.  For those who don't, it stands for Works in Progress.  I have been horrible over the last 6 months at starting a project then getting sidetracked and forgetting all about it.

I finally got a shelving unit moved into our bedroom/my office-workspace today.  I worked to get my full skeins of yarn moved out of my plastic drawers and onto the shelves.  That meant I had a few empty drawers to fill up with other things.  The first drawer went straight to becoming storage for all of my WIPs.

As of today, I'm going to strive to resolve this problem.  I spent part of today finishing up two projects, and almost completed a third.  One is a Christmas gift so I was psyched to have one totally done.  :)  I've decided that I want to take at least a few hours out of one day each week to catch up on all of my WIPs... maybe I can get this drawer empty so I can fill it with some RTS items for our fans!!!

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