Monday, March 25, 2013

Memory Blanket Project for Newtown - Update

Blanket 3 is complete!!!

Here are some close-ups so you can see each square in detail:

For those interested in knowing, the squares in this blanket were donated by the following people (in alphabetical order - some people have multiple squares on this particular blanket):
Amber Bright
Amy Frazier
Anita Mills
Ann McCoy
Anne Merrian
Annette Porfirio
Ashley Boudreau
Ashley Tucker
Audrey Odom
Betty Lewis
Betty Plemmons
Brandy Junge
Brett's Baby Barn
Carolyn Bonjovi
Cathy Gerding
Charity Kelley
Cheryl Speights
Crystal Corcoran
Debbie Stewart
Deborah Carey
Diane Calloway
Donna Jolley
Dusti Prioux
Emily Abreu
Free Chapel Knit & Crochet Group
Glynda Devore
Jacqui Wexler
Jamie Johnson
Jennifer Pottinger
Jessica Gomm
Jessica Hipps
Jodi Wiley
Jordana Pilmanis
Josephine Gigi
Joyce Buchanan
Judith Darby
Julie Macker
Judy Kissel
Kathy Phillips
Keary Uhlig
Lacey Velasquez
Laura Dukes
LaVeta Evans
Linda Chapman
Lois Devaney
Marcia Larson
Mary Belzer
MaryAnne Cook
Maureen Fast
Melissa Shankleton
Peggy Mackey
Raina Bruner
Rose Harris
Shannon Phillips
Shelly Finegan
Shelly Tucker
Silvana Penn
St. Mary's Crochet Group
Susan Paquette
Tatiana Lopez
Teresa Konopki
Terri Jouty
Timothy Birney
Yvonne Metzcus

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