Thursday, February 14, 2013

Memory Blanket Project for Newtown - Update

The first blanket to be assembled by Hooking Housewives is officially completed!

This project has become so much more of an undertaking than we ever expected it to be.  When we joined forces with Good Lookin' Hooking and Crazy Hookers Crochet, our goal was to collect enough squares to complete 26 blankets for the families of the Newtown victims.  We have, in the end, collected enough squares to provide blankets to each victim's family, each classroom at the school, and then even more to go toward the emergency responders or Hurricane Sandy victims or wherever the final decision to send them is.  Thanks to everyone who has donated in some way, as well as to those who are still helping in many ways.  Your love and support are what is keeping all of us going as we dive full-force into what is sure to be a lengthy assembly process.

This first blanket took about 6 hours worth of edging, 24 hours worth of assembly, and 3 hours for the border.  That's 33 hours (and that's just guesstimating) worth of work over a number of days/weeks.  These blankets will not be assembled as quickly as we would like since each of us still has a family to take care of, jobs to go to, small businesses to run, and other obligations.  Please be patient with us as we work through the process.  We'll continue to post photos here of the blankets as they are completed.

Here are some close-up shots so you can see every square in detail:

For those interested in knowing, the squares in this blanket were donated by the following people (in alphabetical order - some people have multiple squares on this particular blanket):
Amanda Ledlow
Amy Frazier
Anita Mills
Ann McCoy
Anne Merriam
Annette Porfirio
Ashley Boudreau
Ashley Tucker
Betty Plemmons
Carolyn Bonjovi
Cathy Gerding
Celeste Kierstead
Connie Baldwin
Debbie Stewart
Deborah Carey
Debra Cook
Diane Calloway
Donna Jolley
Dusti Prioux
Free Chapel Knit & Crochet Group
Glynda Devore
Jacqui Wexler
Jamie Carder-Haas
Jessica Gomm
Jessica Hipps
Jodi Wiley
Josephine Gigi
Joyce Buchanan
Judy Kissel
Karla Bilawchuk
Kathy Phillips
Keary Uhlig
Laura Dukes
LaVeta Evans
Linda Chapman
Lois Devaney
Marcia Larson
Mary Belzer
MaryAnne Cook
Melissa Shankleton
Pat Azirri
Peggy Mackey
Raina Bruner
Rose Harris
Shannon Phillips
Shelly Finegan
Shelly Tucker
St. Mary's Crochet Group
Staycle Duplichan
Susan Paquette
Tatiana Lopez
Teresa Konopki
Terri Jouty
Timothy Birney
Vera Walker


  1. so beautiful. What size squares are you looking for?

  2. It's beautiful! Thanks for all your hard work! My square looks awesome!! As do they all! So many creative ways to make a square!! I Love all the LOVE that went into making these blankets

  3. I see one of my squares :) these blankets loom awsome!