Thursday, November 6, 2014

Weekly Round-Up: Pilgrims

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I wanted to a round-up of something other than turkeys... so you have the Pilgrim Round-Up!!!  (Don't worry, I'll be doing Turkeys next week for those who just can't get enough.)

I have to admit that I'm surprised at how few Pilgrim patterns I was able to find as compared to other Thanksgiving-themed ones.  My brain started going so hopefully you'll see a few new fun ones from us next year - I know that realistically, there's not enough time to get any written up, tested, and released in time for you to be able to benefit from them this year.

No more delays... here are the Pilgrim patterns that caught the Housewives' attention:

by Crochet Village
by Posh Pooch Designs
My Sweet Potato 3
by Four Bees Designs
by Calleigh's Clips and Crochet Creations
by Maggie Weldon

Is there a theme you'd like to see us do a Round-Up for?  Let us know and we'll see about adding it to our schedule.  :)

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