Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Round-Up - BEARDS

November 1st is right around the corner.  That means that along with many men (and even women), my husband will be participating in No-Shave November.  My friend, Jacqui, mentioned the possibility of crocheting herself a beard so she will "fit in" with the guys in her life.  In honor of my her, I bring you this Round-Up of Beards!!!

1.  Viking or Dwarven Beard by Totally Stitching

2.  Quick and Dirty Furry Beard by Mad Crochet Scientist

3.  Crochet Beard by Miriam Tribe

4.  Duck Guys Hats by Hatch-ed with Love

5.  Cthulhu Hat by Moose Musings

6.  Duck Dynasty Beard and Hat by Me and Morning Glory

7.  Master of Disguise by Hooks and Hornbooks

8.  Loopy Beard by Tera Kulling

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