Thursday, March 6, 2014

Learning Entrelac

For those who follow us on Facebook, you probably know that I recently learned how to work Tunisian crochet.  It's so much simpler than I expected it to be, which made me want to learn how to use it a little more.  Much to my surprise, the folks over at The Crochet Crowd popped up in my newsfeed that they would be sharing a video tutorial on how to do Entrelac crochet.  This is a technique I've always been intrigued by.  It looks difficult, but surprisingly, once you have learned Tunisian, it's quite simple.  If you haven't learned Tunisian, Mikey makes it easy enough to understand that you can still figure out how to do it. 

I decided that my first Entrelac project would be a baby blanket.  I bought an icy pink-colored yarn that I've been playing with but hadn't liked anything I've tried with it.  I knew a blanket would be perfect for a new baby girl that will be coming into the world soon!!  (Yes, this blanket is going to be a gift for one of the dozens of ladies in my world who are pregnant.)

I spent a few hours working it yesterday, and now that I've gotten the hang of it, things are moving much more quickly.  Rather than waiting until the blanket is complete, I thought I'd give you a sneak peek...

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