Thursday, March 13, 2014

Have you heard!?!

If you missed the announcement this morning (it was still pretty early), the Hooking Housewives are now officially on Twitter.  While neither of us has really taken part in the site for personal use, the decision has been made to utilize it for our business.  We'd love to hear from our fans and follow you on Twitter - comment below or on the FB post with your handle and we'll look you up.  You can find us @HkngHousewives or just click here!!

What does this mean for you, our fans?  Following us could work to your benefit - in addition to being able to gain an extra entry in future giveaways, we may occasionally offer a coupon code or special deal that is available especially for our Twitter followers.  Or maybe even a sneak peek at upcoming patterns... who knows what we'll do!?!  ;)

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